Research Mapping

Using advanced NLP & TDM technologies, Sirius create your own custom database by identifying, cleaning, organizing your scientific publications and mapping automatically relations between stakeholders (authors, editors, funders) and research outputs.
  • Data collection: harvest your scientific publications (articles, preprints, conference, posters, presentations, etc.), patents, research data, etc.
  • Data cleansing: deduplicate, disambiguate, enrich
  • Data structuring: link publications, authors, projects, programs, platforms, etc.

Bibliometric Studies & Evaluation Reports

We analyze your research output and produce international comparative analysis, benchmark of research and innovation trends.
  • Concept / Keywords trends
  • Comparative studies
  • Quantitative analysis of the production
  • Evaluation of scientific activities through innovative indicators

Online Dashboards & Science Metrics

You get access to dynamic metrics and complex data & trends visualization.
  • Monitor progress and identify research trends
  • Design your key performance indicators and strategic metrics
  • Keep track of research activities and its impact
  • Compare strengths and weaknesses on local & global scales


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Fondation ARC
Seti Institute
Nanomolar Nanomolar


1  Identifying Scientific Data portfolio
  • Science publications
  • Patents
  • Researcher profiles
  • Researcher projects
2  Creating a Custom Database
  • Harvesting
  • Warehousing
  • Curation
  • Enrichment
3  Delivering Analytics
  • Data Analytics Dashboards
  • Writing of Reports/Studies
  • DataViz
  • Custom impact indicators

1 - Identifying your needs for scientific intelligence

  • We determine the scientific data portfolio concerned:
    • Scientific publications,
    • Patents,
    • Rresearchers’ profiles,
    • Research projects,
    • etc.
  • We create your own custom database
  • It is kept up to dated through relevant content suggestions alerts and efficient validation workflow.

2. Turning the web into structured data

We develop innovative data mining technologies to map research ecosystems:

  • Data harvesting and warehousing from:
    • MyScienceWork’s Database (60M publications and patents)
    • Additional Open Access Repositories and Databases, and publisher content
    • Your data sources (from paper archives to structured metadata)
  • Data curation and enrichment
    • We curate the aggregated database to identify and merge duplicate documents, disambiguate names and locations, and create explicit links between stakeholders and documents.
    • We cross-reference scientific portfolios with institutional directories and organizational charts in order to refine affiliation information.

3. Delivering smart analytics

An advanced bibliographic and scientometric data analysis tool to get a clear overview of scientific activities

  • Data Analysis dashboards
    • Understand your portfolio & assess its impact
    • Aggregated indicators for a global overview of all views, download, citations, impact factors and altmetrics
    • Competitive intelligence & strategic/market analysis
  • Data visualization tools
    • Customized solutions to improve understanding of your data, collaborations, & research links


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About Us


MyScienceWork has been founded by two young graduates with complementary profiles — Virginie Simon, a biotech engineer and PhD in nanotechnology, and Tristan Davaille, a financial engineer with a degree in economics — With over 7 years of experiences on aggregating, promoting and analysing research publications, MyScienceWork Team put all their expertise to help research centre to better understand their research activities, communicate about it and build their strategic vision.


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